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simple test apps for omapdrm, dmabuf, etc

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New display kmscube

Add a new display 'kmscube', based on the kmscube application by Arvin Schnell
and Rob Clark.

This display 'kmscube' draws a rotating 3d cube with EGL on kms display, with
video mapped as a texture on the cube faces.

Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé <>
latest commit e539f5d70f
Vincent Stehlé vstehle authored committed
A home for omapdrm tests.

Example to run w/ KMS for full-screen overlay display:
sudo ./viddec3test -s 7:1920x1080 ~/Videos/h264/

Example to run with x11/dri2video for windowed display:
export DISPLAY=:0.0
./viddec3test ~/Videos/h264/

Example to run with video on 3D cube in kms mode:
sudo ./viddec3test --kmscube --loop --fps --fov 20
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