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Qt Mobility 1.1.0-beta1 is a beta release. It contains a number of API
improvements and bug fixes since the Qt Mobility 1.1.0-tp release. For
more details, please refer to the online documentation included in this
distribution. The documentation is also available online:
Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker or the Merge Request queue
of the public source repository.
Qt Bug Tracker:
Merge Request:
* General *
New features
- Qt Organizer module
* Classes for calendar entries, todo tasks, journal entries and notes
- Qt Feedback module
* Classes for feedback (haptic/tactile feedback, general multimedia
* Initial release has limited multimedia support
- Qt Gallery module
* Classes for searching for documents, and viewing document meta-data.
- Qt Maps and Navigation API
* Part of the Location module
* Class for routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding, and for
displaying and interacting with maps.
- Qt Landmarks module
* Part of the Location module
* Classes for saving, retrieving and deleting landmarks
* Important Behavior Changes *
* Library *
- No changes
- Added support for actions on contacts
* Provides a Qt Service FrameWork based way of invoking methods (call,
text etc) on contacts
- Extended the QContactManagerEngine interface to allow new features:
* Saving partial contacts
* Fetching a list of contacts by a list of ids
- Improved support for Symbian^3/^4
- Symbian, correct timespec now used in position times
- Symbian, position sources now selected correctly
- Symbian, more types of error detected and dealt with properly
- Maemo 5, backend now respects preferred positioning methods set by user
- Maemo 6, time to first fix sped up significantly
- Harmattan backend implemented
- Fix assigning an invalid QMessageId causes crash, QTMOBILITY-427, QTMOBILITY-434
- Fix failure to compile with Qt 4.7, QTMOBILITY-390
- Fix ORing with an empty filter results in empty filter MOBILITY-1241
* Includes API documentation revision
- Fix writemessage example does not have a focused widget at start, MOBILITY-1229
- Fremantle, fix Scandinavian characters not correctly handled in SMS, MOBILITY-1362
- Fremantle, fix simultaneous SMS queries not possible, MOBILITY-1363
- Fremantle, Message caching, prefilter functionality and related tests implemented
- Fremantle, Modified and removed signals added for SMS messages
- Symbian, fix keepintouch searching doesn't stop, MOBILITY-1418
- Symbian, fix MMS message size limit not documented, MOBILITY-1224
- Symbian, fix unable to send Chinese language SMS, MOBILITY-1168, QTMOBILITY-433
- Symbian, fix hardcoded paths to moc files, MOBILITY-1510
- Symbian, MTM, send status signaling improved, MOBILITY-1148
- Symbian^3, FreeStyle, fix backend is not thread safe, MOBILITY-1349
- Symbian^3, fix keepintouch example crashes on exit, MOBILITY-1417
- Symbian^3, queryMessage crashes fixed, MOBILITY-1479, QTMOBILITY-535
- Added QCamera API
* Includes Linux, maemo and symbian backends.
- QAudioOutput
* Fix crash on Windows when initialized with an invalid format
- QMediaImageViewer
* Added setVideoOutput functions.
- QVideoWidget
* Fixed flickering when resizing a video widget on Windows.
- API support for multiple collections (e.g. work calendar, home calendar etc)
- Other API polish and changes
- Documentation improvements
- Fix layer matching based on filters [QTMOBILITY-443]
- Fix QValueSpacePublisher::resetValue on Maemo5 [QTMOBILITY-400]
- Fix setting of empty key on Maemo5 [MOBILITY-1356]
- Fix a packaging bug affecting S60 3.1 devices [QTMOBILITY-423]
- Document why sensor readings are not available after calling start() [QTMOBILITY-440]
- Document Sensors.conf [QTMOBILITY-441]
- Document output range meta-data [QTMOBILITY-469]
- Use prefixed includes from public headers [QTMOBILITY-476]
Note that the above fixes are also in 1.0.3.
- Don't allow setting invalid values for enum types [QTMOBILITY-277]
- API improvements for Out-of-process component
* QRemoteServiceClassRegister replaced by QRemoteServiceRegister
* QRemoteServiceRegister::Entry has been introduced
- Documentation improvements
- Various bug fixes related to received feedback and API maturation
- foo
* bar
- Added iCalendar import and export support.
* Added QVersitOrganizerImporter and QVersitOrganizerExporter classes
- Extended QVersitDocument to support iCalendar documents
* Added componentType(), setComponentType() Added subDocuments(),
* addSubDocuments(), setSubDocuments() Added ICalendar20Type (iCalendar
2.0) and VCard40Type (vCard 4.0) to VersitType enum
* Added PreformattedType to QVersitProperty::ValueType enum to support
the iCalendar RRULE property
- Added a plugin-based extension mechanism for import and export.
* Added QVersitContactExporterDetailHandlerV2, which supercedes
* Added QVersitContactImporterPropertyHandlerV2, which supercedes
* Deprecated QVersitContactExporter::detailHandler() and
QVersitContactImporter::propertyHandler() getters
* Added a "profile" argument to the importer and exporter for plugin
- Added a "backup" plugin to try to preserve a contact as perfectly as
possible when stored and retrieved from vCard when the "Backup" profile is
- Fixed QTMOBILITY-478 QVersitContactExporter fails to export a contact
with no name
- Fixed QTMOBILITY-489 Multiple of the same Nickname should only be added
Qt Mobility Plugins
- foo
* bar
* Platform Specific Changes *
Qt Mobility for Embedded Linux
Qt Mobility for Unix (X11 and Mac OS X)
Qt Mobility for Linux/X11
Qt Mobility for Windows
Qt Mobility for Mac OS X
Qt Mobility for Windows CE