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These Extras expand on the excellent RaspiBolt Lightning Network (LND) project by Stadicus


The 'Lights Out' RaspiBolt

Lights Off The objective of this pair of Extras is to allow a RaspiBolt to recover without human intervention from a power failure and/or a change in public IP.
  1. Auto Lightning Wallet Unlock
  2. Dynamic Public IP Address [Obsolete since lnd V0.5]
  3. Auto Backup - Static Channel Backup (SCB)


Running LND mainnet & testnet Simultaneously on one RaspiBolt

Simultaneous mainnet & testnet The objective of this Extra is to have two instances of bitcoind and two of lnd running on the same RaspiBolt.
  1. Simultaneous mainnet & testnet

Using REST Access

Including generating and displaying Payment Request QR Codes

REST The objective of this Extra is to enable and demonstrate using the REST interface instead of rpc/lncli.
  1. Enable and Use REST with lnd - LAN.
  2. Enable and Use REST with lnd - WAN.
    • Using lncli, or
    • Using REST & PHP. Includes generating QR codes. Requires web server.

Receive LN Payments

Donations (sender decides) & Fixed Amounts (you decide)

QR Demo The objective of this Extra is to demonstrate generating Payment Requests including QR codes.
  1. One-Time Payment Requests (a.k.a Invoices) using lncli
  2. Live Payment Requests (a.k.a Invoices) using lncli, or REST & PHP (Requires web server).

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