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UE Version: 4.23


C++ Coding Standards:

Asset Naming and Creation Convention:

  • Naming convention
  • Due to the connection with KnowRob currently all the models are sandboxed and self contained
    • They are always located in a top folder called Models
    • The leaf folder is always the KnowRob class name:
      • Models/IAIKitchen/IAIFurniture/IAIDiningTable/*
      • SM_IAIDiningTable
      • T_IAIDiningTable_N
      • T_IAIDiningTable_D
      • T_IAIDiningTable_S
      • T_IAIDiningTableTop
      • T_IAIDiningTableTop_S
      • M_IAIDiningTable
      • M_IAIDiningTableTop
      • M_IAIDiningTableFeet
      • ..


The project points to various submodules (plugins, assets, private assets etc.). If you want to clone the project with submodules, see the following git commands:

  • after cloning the project, clone specific submodules:
$ git submodule update --init Content/Private
$ git submodule update --init Plugins/USemLog
$ git submodule update --init Plugins/UMongoC
  • all submodules:
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
  • or clone the repository with all the submodules:
$ git clone --recursive -b master


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