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Welcome to

This utility is intended to help you create the scripts you need for Microsoft Azure. You can browse them online or install a quick utility function.


The easiest thing to do is to use the command line:

Mac & Linux (bash)

echo "function azx() { curl -sL\$1;}" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc


Mac & Linux (zshell)

echo "function azx() { curl -sL\$1;}" >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc



To find out what scripts we have you can browse the site (at or use azx list:

azx list

#### The Basics ####

help | The basics of AZX and how to use it.
list | Don't know what you're looking for? Here's a list
mysql | Creating an Azure Database for MySQL on Azure.
postgres | Pushing Azure Database for PostgreSQL to Azure.
webapp_container | Create a Web App using a container
webapp_git | Create a Web App and deploy using Git

#### AZX Recipes ####

ghost | Create a super scalable Ghost blog on Azure using Web Apps for Containers and hosted MySQL
pg_migrate | Migrate an existing PostgreSQL database to Azure's SQL Database for PostgreSQL
wordpress | Create a super scalable Wordpress site on Azure using Web Apps for Containers and hosted MySQL 

WHen you see a script you want to use, just call it directly:

azx postgres

This will splash the script into the terminal. If you want to put it into a file (recommended), just redirect STDOUT:

azx postgres >

Now open up the script in an editor, change what you need (usually just variables at the top) and off you go!

Have a Script for Us? Or a Request?

Feel free to leave an issue or drop a PR. Take a look at the _api and _includes directory and decide where you think your script should go.

Please follow the format and conventions you see there, including adding your name a description. Please be sure your script works!



Azure scripts made easy



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