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A User Admin App for ASP.NET MVC 5 Membership
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User Administration, Ember Style

This application was built while I was recording "Ember Fundamentals" for Pluralsight. I liked the app so much, I decided to share it with everyone. Ember has never really sat well with me and for a while I just couldn't get through the tutorials and help that friends would offer.

Finally, I sat down one weekend and devoted an entire day to methodically going through every tutorial I could find. Ember started to sink in, and before I knew it I had a functional application.

I then decided to tackle the Github API and I made a little Github browser with jQuery (which you can see in the Pluralsight video). That was 90 lines, and pretty functional... so I decided to go a step further and build a User Administration app that I feel is missing from ASP.NET MVC.


The application itself is in the Scripts\user-admin directory - and be sure to grab Scripts\user-admin.js as well. All the tests are in the Scripts\user-admin-tests directory (separated to avoid build issues).

Finally, be sure to have a look at Models\UserIdentity - I've added some things to the UserIdentity model that I think are worth while to have. I've also added some test data into the App_Data directory so you can play around.

Feedback and Help

Happy to have both!

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