A data generator for creating detailed, real-world sales data with fullfillments
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JSON Fake Data Generator

This project generates a massive amount of JSON data which you can then pull into a database of your choice.

I use it for RethinkDB, but feel free to use it however you like.

RethinkDB Instructions

To run this, open up index.js and change the SaleCount variable to be what you want. By default, it's 100,000 records. This will generate 100,000 sales and fullfillment records which you can play with to your heart's content.

The rethinkdb-import command depends on the RethinkDB Python driver, which must be installed.

To import this into a RethinkDB database, install the modules and then run the import command (assuming you have RethinkDB installed):

npm install
node index.js
rethinkdb import -f drop/sales.json --table test.sales
rethinkdb import -f drop/fullfillments.json --table test.fullfillments

If the tables exist already, be sure to add --force

That's it, have fun.