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Column Types with configurable varchar lengths for a json migration #1

brightstreetgroup opened this Issue April 16, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

BrightStreet Group Rob Conery
BrightStreet Group

if you create a new table and specify "string" as the columnType, it will always default to nvarchar(255). I want to add more control to that, say if you want a 50 character string.

I updated the SetColumnType method and added check so you can pass in "string[50]" for example, and that will generate a nvarchar(50) instead of nvarchar(255).

I'm sure this function can be much simpler with a regex instead.

private string SetColumnType(string colType) {

        // TODO:  I'm sure regex will do a better job at this
        if (colType.IndexOf("[") > 0 && colType.IndexOf("]") > 0)
            // get length value
            int start = colType.IndexOf("[") + 1;
            int end = colType.IndexOf("]");

            string lenVal = colType.Substring(start, end - start);

            return colType = colType.Replace(colType, "nvarchar(" + lenVal + ")");

        return colType.Replace("pk", "int PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1,1)")
            .Replace("money", "decimal(8,2)")
            .Replace("date", "datetime")
            .Replace("string", "nvarchar(255)")
            .Replace("boolean", "bit")
            .Replace("text", "nvarchar(MAX)")
            .Replace("guid", "uniqueidentifier");

Here is an example of the json

{name:'SubjectID', type:'pk',null:false},
{name:'SubjectName', type:'string[255]',nullable:false},
{name:'Version', type:'string[50]', nullable:true}

Rob Conery

I believe you can just override by sending in whatever type you like - nvarchar(50) will work just as well as string[50] minus the code changes.

Rob Conery robconery closed this June 19, 2012
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