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constraint issues #4

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Bradley Teller Rob Conery
Bradley Teller

This fix here is just an update to the sql script for postgresql to pull in the table names with primary keys. This doesn't address the issue for composite primary keys though. It seems either the recommendation would be to not use them, which seems less than ideal, or to change the way these arguments are composed and parsed.

Rob Conery

This sounds like a great idea - I can't read the diff though :/

Bradley Teller bteller merged commit 7ea49ef into from December 01, 2012
Bradley Teller bteller closed this December 01, 2012
Bradley Teller

I'm apparently making a mess of this thing. Initially it only shows the single line change, but after I commit it removes all 139 lines just to add a single line. This line below needs to be added under line 24. I'll keep trying.

and tc.constraint_type = 'PRIMARY KEY' \

Bradley Teller

Okay, I had to create a new pull request for this, but this time the diff is much cleaner.

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