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@@ -133,6 +133,19 @@ If your needs are more complicated - I would suggest just passing in your own SQ
133 133 //Multiple Criteria?
134 134 var items = table.Find(CategoryID:5, UnitPrice:100, OrderBy:"UnitPrice DESC");
135 135
  136 +Metadata
  137 +--------
  138 +If you find that you need to know information about your table - to generate some lovely things like ... whatever - just ask for the Schema property. This will query INFORMATION_SCHEMA for you, and you can take a look at DATA_TYPE, DEFAULT_VALUE, etc for whatever system you're running on.
  139 +
  140 +In addition, if you want to generate an empty instance of a column - you can now ask for a "Prototype()" - which will return all the columns in your table with the defaults set for you (getdate(), raw values, newid(), etc).
  141 +
  142 +Factory Constructor
  143 +-------------------
  144 +One thing that can be useful is to use Massive to just run a quick query. You can do that now by using "Open()" which is a static builder on DynamicModel:
  145 + var db = Massive.DynamicModel.Open("myConnectionStringName");
  146 +
  147 +You can execute whatever you like at that point.
  148 +
136 149 Asynchronous Execution
137 150 ----------------------
138 151 Thanks to Damien Edwards, we now have the ability to query asynchronously using the Task Parallel Library:

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