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Support for collations with case-sensitive column names #166

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Jason Robey Rob Conery
Jason Robey

I moved the ToLower() function to a lower scope in the TryInvokeMember method to enable support for collations that require case sensitive column names. This will allow the case of the argument to be passed through to the SQL string while still testing for matches of key words in lower case.

Rob Conery

That was a mistake. My apologies. I first used cloud9 IDE to make the changes and I did not check to ensure it was ignoring its own tracking files.

Rob Conery

I can see the utility of this however I don't know if it's something to be added to the trunk since it's not terribly common to change out collations to case sensitive (from my experience). Massive is all about changing what's needed for you when you need it - I have to be careful to not break anything and also to be sure that changes add something for everyone - not just a small group.

Jason Robey

I understand. For my project, I must connect to a legacy db with this situation. I will just maintain the change in my branch. Thanks for the consideration.

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Dec 12, 2012
Jason Robey GrillerGeek Moved ToLower() call to lower scope to support older collations that …
…are case sensitive on column names
Jason Robey GrillerGeek clean up revisions file 373f027
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  1. +2 2 Massive.cs
4 Massive.cs
@@ -613,8 +613,8 @@ private dynamic BuildPagedResult(string sql = "", string primaryKeyField = "", s
613 613 if (info.ArgumentNames.Count > 0) {
614 614
615 615 for (int i = 0; i < args.Length; i++) {
616   - var name = info.ArgumentNames[i].ToLower();
617   - switch (name) {
  616 + var name = info.ArgumentNames[i];
  617 + switch (name.ToLower()) {
618 618 case "orderby":
619 619 orderBy = " ORDER BY " + args[i];
620 620 break;

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