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A demo eCommerce site using Meteor.js - the code for this site can also be seen at Pluralsight.
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An eCommerce Storefront Using Meteor.js, Bootstrap, Knockout, Stripe, and Postgres

I built this storefront a while back to test out some ideas and also to see where Meteor was at in terms of maturity etc. I was impressed.

Building things with Meteor is a lot of fun. There are a number of packages that support the development process and , all in all, the conceptual density of the whole thing is kind of low.

Have a look through the code - it all works - just add some products, a set of StripeKeys and off you go!


Pull the source from this repo (or just download it), and then:

  • Reset the settings.json and settings.development.json files
  • Remove the test data/imagery and replace with your own
  • Update the mup.json with your deployment settings

And you're off. The app currently stores order data in Postgres (I don't trust MongoDB, for no good reason. Also, I just like Postgres) and for that you'll need to create your checkout table:

drop table if exists checkouts;
create table checkouts(
	id serial primary key,
	reference_key uuid not null,
	cart_id varchar(50) not null,
	created_at timestamptz not null default now(),
	email varchar(255) not null,
	name varchar(255) not null,
	ip inet not null default '',
	country_code varchar(2) not null default 'US',
	description varchar(255),
	items jsonb not null,
	billing_address jsonb,
	shipping_address jsonb,
	total decimal(10,2) not null default 0,
	terms_accepted boolean default false not null,
	processor varchar(20) not null default 'stripe',
	token jsonb,
	payment_details jsonb not null

Please note: jsonb support is only in Postgres 9.4+. If you need to use a lower version, change the datatype above to json.

Installing Postgres on Ubuntu 14.10 is recommended:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.4

su postgres && cd

createdb [your db name]
psql [your db name]

#paste the create script above here

CREATE ROLE [your db user] WITH PASSWORD [your password];
GRANT ALL ON DATABASE [your db name] to [your db user];
ALTER TABLE checkouts OWNER TO [your db user];

If you know how to install Postgres already - go with what you know :).

Screencast of the Building of This App

I work for Pluralsight and like to create screencasts about the things I'm working on - and I did that for this project. You can watch it here.

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