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A complete authentication system built in Postgres using schemas and functions
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A Bit of Crazy

I'm fairly certain that the existence of this repo will cause anxiety. It's just a thought exercise - people have asked, so here it is.

This is the Postgres Authentication stuff - meaning it's a full authentication system in a box, in your DB. I flipped out one weekend and decided to see if I could do it... I could, so here it is.

Still a bit raw, but tests are passing nicely. Still need to work on a few things.


I tried to make everything as self-contained as I could. So, to install this just crack open index.js and set DB to whatever local database you want to use.

And then...

npm install
node index.js

This will execute a bulk SQL transaction against your database and will:

  • Create a schema called "membership"
  • Install pgcrypto for hashing passwords
  • Drop in the schema, tables, functions etc needed for this crazy


If you want to play around, the test db is called pg_auth and I build it on the fly. You can see all the scripts in the build/src directory - these get built and dropped into build/dist. If all you want is to check stuff out just install as above and have a good time.

This is Supposed To Be Fun

I like seeing what Postgres can do, and I'm not the world's best programmer so if you see some things that are interesting, have some fun.

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