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" Vim syntax file
" Language: git config file
" Maintainer: Tim Pope <>
" Filenames: gitconfig, .gitconfig, *.git/config
" Last Change: 2007 Dec 16
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn case ignore
setlocal iskeyword+=-
setlocal iskeyword-=_
syn match gitconfigComment "[#;].*"
syn match gitconfigSection "\%(^\s*\)\@<=\[[a-z0-9.-]\+\]"
syn match gitconfigSection '\%(^\s*\)\@<=\[[a-z0-9.-]\+ \+\"\%([^\\"]\|\\.\)*"\]'
syn match gitconfigVariable "\%(^\s*\)\@<=\a\k*\%(\s*\%([=#;]\|$\)\)\@=" nextgroup=gitconfigAssignment skipwhite
syn region gitconfigAssignment matchgroup=gitconfigNone start=+=\s*+ skip=+\\+ end=+\s*$+ contained contains=gitconfigBoolean,gitconfigNumber,gitConfigString,gitConfigEscape,gitConfigError,gitconfigComment keepend
syn keyword gitconfigBoolean true false yes no contained
syn match gitconfigNumber "\d\+" contained
syn region gitconfigString matchgroup=gitconfigDelim start=+"+ skip=+\\+ end=+"+ matchgroup=gitconfigError end=+[^\\"]\%#\@!$+ contained contains=gitconfigEscape,gitconfigEscapeError
syn match gitconfigError +\\.+ contained
syn match gitconfigEscape +\\[\\"ntb]+ contained
syn match gitconfigEscape +\\$+ contained
hi def link gitconfigComment Comment
hi def link gitconfigSection Keyword
hi def link gitconfigVariable Identifier
hi def link gitconfigBoolean Boolean
hi def link gitconfigNumber Number
hi def link gitconfigString String
hi def link gitconfigDelim Delimiter
hi def link gitconfigEscape Delimiter
hi def link gitconfigError Error
let b:current_syntax = "gitconfig"
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