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" Vim syntax file
" Language: git rebase --interactive
" Maintainer: Tim Pope <>
" Filenames: git-rebase-todo
" Last Change: 2008 Apr 16
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn case match
syn match gitrebaseHash "\v<\x{7,40}>" contained
syn match gitrebaseCommit "\v<\x{7,40}>" nextgroup=gitrebaseSummary skipwhite
syn match gitrebasePick "\v^p%(ick)=>" nextgroup=gitrebaseCommit skipwhite
syn match gitrebaseEdit "\v^e%(dit)=>" nextgroup=gitrebaseCommit skipwhite
syn match gitrebaseSquash "\v^s%(quash)=>" nextgroup=gitrebaseCommit skipwhite
syn match gitrebaseSummary ".*" contains=gitrebaseHash contained
syn match gitrebaseComment "^#.*" contains=gitrebaseHash
syn match gitrebaseSquashError "\v%^s%(quash)=>" nextgroup=gitrebaseCommit skipwhite
hi def link gitrebaseCommit gitrebaseHash
hi def link gitrebaseHash Identifier
hi def link gitrebasePick Statement
hi def link gitrebaseEdit PreProc
hi def link gitrebaseSquash Type
hi def link gitrebaseSummary String
hi def link gitrebaseComment Comment
hi def link gitrebaseSquashError Error
let b:current_syntax = "gitrebase"
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