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" specky: syntax highlighting for 'rdoc' output
" $Id: rdoc.vim 46 2008-08-12 16:24:10Z mahlon $
" Separator lines
syntax match rdocSpeckyLines /^------\+\s\?/ contains=rdocSpeckyTarget,rdocSpeckyMultiples
highlight link rdocSpeckyLines Comment
" The class/method that we're reading
syntax match rdocSpeckyTarget / .\+/hs=s+1 contained
highlight link rdocSpeckyTarget Underlined
" When there are multiple matches to choose from.
" This is only output by fri.
syntax match rdocSpeckyMultiples / Multiple choices/hs=s+1 contained
highlight link rdocSpeckyMultiples WarningMsg
" Secondary headers
syntax region rdocSpeckyHeader start="^\S\+.\+:$\n-\+" end="-$" keepend contains=rdocSpeckyHeaderLine
highlight link rdocSpeckyHeader Question
" Secondary header lines
syntax match rdocSpeckyHeaderLine /^-\+$/ contained
highlight link rdocSpeckyHeaderLine NonText
" Remove the formatting characters from the display
highlight link rdocSpeckySpecials NonText
" _word_ --> italic
syntax region rdocSpeckyItalic matchgroup=rdocSpeckySpecials start=" _" end="_"
highlight link rdocSpeckyItalic Special
" *word* --> bold
syntax region rdocSpeckBold matchgroup=rdocSpeckySpecials start=" \*" end="\*"
highlight link rdocSpeckyBold Constant
" +word+ --> typewriter
syntax region rdocSpeckyType matchgroup=rdocSpeckySpecials start=" +" end="+"
highlight link rdocSpeckyType Identifier
let b:current_syntax = "rdoc"
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