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" specky: syntax highlighting for the 'spec' script output
" $Id: specrun.vim 67 2009-04-20 00:57:06Z mahlon $
if has("folding")
setlocal foldmethod=syntax
" Command line as it was called, inserted by Specky
syntax match specSpeckyCmd /^Output of: .*/
highlight link specSpeckyCmd Question
"syntax match WarningMsg /\.\./
" Plain output block (...P..F...)
syntax region specPlain start="^[\.PF]\+" end="^$" contains=specFailedPlain,specPendingPlain
highlight link specPlain MoreMsg
" Passed specs (specdoc output)
syntax match specPassed /^- .*/ contains=specFailed,specPending
highlight link specPassed MoreMsg
" Pending specs (specdoc output)
syntax match specPending /.*PENDING: .*)$/ contained
highlight link specPending Function
" (Plain output)
syntax match specPendingPlain /P/ contained
highlight link specPendingPlain Function
" Failed specs (specdoc output)
syntax match specFailed /.*\(FAILED\|ERROR\) - \d\+)/ contained
highlight link specFailed WarningMsg
" (Plain output)
syntax match specFailedPlain /F/ contained
highlight link specFailedPlain WarningMsg
" Warning details
syntax region specFailedDetails start="^\d\+)" end="^$" fold
highlight link specFailedDetails WarningMsg
" Pending specs
syntax region specPendingDetails start="^Pending:" end="^$" fold
highlight link specPendingDetails Function
" Timing information
syntax match specTimedRun /^Finished in.*/
highlight link specTimedRun Question
" Status summary
syntax match specExamplesTotal /^\d\+ examples, .\+/ contains=specTotalFailed,specNoFailures,specTotalPending
highlight link specExamplesTotal Special
syntax match specTotalFailed /\d\+ failure\%[s]/ contained
highlight link specTotalFailed WarningMsg
syntax match specTotalPending /\d pending/ contained
highlight link specTotalPending Function
syntax match specNoFailures /0 failures/ contained
highlight link specNoFailures MoreMsg
let b:current_syntax = "specrun"
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