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Kibana Plugins

It isn't always easy to find Kibana plugins, so I wanted to make a list of all of the plugins that I am aware of.

NOTE: Not all plugins will work with all versions of Kibana. The Kibana plugin interfaces are in a state of constant development. Plugin developers should release a new version of their plugin for each new Kibana release as a result.

Denotes plugins that I have personally found to be very useful.

Plugin 5.x 6.x 7.x Description
aggs-flower Visualisation plugin using d3 forced simulation. Major purpose of this plugin was to provide tools for other plugin developments. This plugin therefore has some interesting features like context menu, filters, dynamic d3 behaviour, 3D effects, node repositioning, etc. while the query handling is pretty basic.
analyze-api-ui-plugin UI for elasticsearch analyze API
area3d_vis 3D Graph Visualization
badges-vis Display badges and achievements.
bmap A plugin for bmap
cohort Cohort analysis chart plugin
computed-columns Visualization plugin like a table but with computed columns
country-flag-fieldformatters Country flag FieldFormat plugin which uses flag-icon-css
custom-css-for-dashboards CSS editor that appends the CSS to the associated dashboard
custom-form-filter Base visualization plugin to create via simple coding custom form via React EUI to control the query and time filters. The plugin has no legacy libs included, it is fully NP compliant. The README has also a step-by-step guide for beginners how to set up a simple development environment to create plugins.
Data-visualization-export A kibana plugin to build a custom table without metrics from the data stored in the ES indexes. It will show all indices in the ES instance, and all columns in the index to build the custom table. The table can be exported as CSV.
dendrogram_vis Dendrogram visualization plugin
elastalert-kibana-plugin Create, test and edit ElastAlert rules within Kibana.
elastic-ml-alert-plugin Easily create alerts from Machine Learning results.
enhanced_tilemap Mapping visualization
kable Kable App and Query Language
kanban_vis A plugin for displaying data by status(or other field).
kbn_c3js_vis This plugin uses C3JS library (D3-based charts).
kbn_circles_vis This is a Circles Packing diagram visType.
kbn_dashmenu_manager A "metadashboard" manager plugin from Kibana 6
kbn_dotplot dotplot vis for kibana
kbn_network Network graph plugin
kbn_percent_nice_vis This is a Metric visualization that allows displaying an image to show the % (For instance, 50% equals a half-empty/half-full (depending on your mood) glass of wine).
kbn_picture_values_vis This is a Metric visualization that actually goes a little beyond the metric visualization currentyl shipped with Kibana.
kbn_polar Polar area visualization for Kibana
kbn_radar Radar visualization for Kibana
kbn_sankey_vis A Sankey Visualization
kbn_searchtables Build tables and search with an input without applying filters.
kbn_sunburst_vis This is a Sunburst diagram visType
keycloak-kibana A Keycloak authorization plugin for Kibana.
kibana-advanced-bytes-plugin Extension of the original bytes field format.
kibana_calendar_vis This plugin gives a calendar heatmap visualization in Kibana Visualize app.
kibana-chord A Chord Diagram visualization
kibana-clock-vis-plugin Clock visualization
kibana_cohort_np_plugin Kibana Cohort analysis chart plugin
kibana-comments-app-plugin Add comment annotations to your Kibana dashboards.
kibana-d3-sankey Sankey Visualization
kibana-datepicker-plugin This Plugin includes a new Visualization in Kibana to pick date, similar to Kibana's absolute timepicker.
kibana-datasweet-formula Allows calculated metrics on any standard kibana visualizations.
kibana_diagram Experimental Flow Diagram Vis.
kibana-enhanced-table Kibana visualization like a Data Table, but with enhanced features like computed columns and filter bar.
kibana-esri-heatmap Heatmap Visualization Plugin
kibana_ext_metrics_vis Based on the core Metric-Plugin but gives you the ability to output custom aggregates on metric-results by using custom formula and/or JavaScript.
kibana-fixed-filter A plugin to fix the position of the dashboard filter element at the top of viewport when you scroll.
kibana-gdpr-plugin A GDPR plugin for cookie acceptance and privacy link.
kibana_graph Interactive Network Graph Visualization.
kibana_health_metric_vis Plugin to change the color of the metric depending on the state of health.
kibana-html-plugin HTML visualization plugin
kibana-html-plugin-6.1.1 HTML plugin for Kibana 6.1.1
kibana-iframe-communicator-plugin A plugin to demonstrate how one can communicate directly with Kibana hosted inside an IFrame, without the need to reload the iframe.
kibana-logbrowser The Search Technologies Log Browser
kibana_markdown_doc_view A plugin for custom doc view using markdown+handlebars template.
kibana-milestones-vis Kibana Milestones Visualization.
kibana-mithril Kibana nodejs/hapi plugin adds support for LDAP and 2-factor OTP authentication to dashboards.
kibana_notification_center This plugin helps you to use Kibana's notifications more usefully.
kibana-object-format This plugin enables you to configure field formatters for arrays of objects in the Discover tab and Search tables in dashboards.
kibana-pivot-table Pivot tables are interactive tables that allow the user to group and summarize large amounts of data in a concise. Basically a wrapper of Nicolas Kruchten's Pivot Table.
kibana-plugin-gauge-sg A gauge plugin
kibana-plugin-metric-percent The visualization displays a percent number based on a global number and various values.
kibana-prometheus-exporter Prometheus metrics for Kibana
kibana-search-widget A search bar visualization for use on iframe embedded dashboards.
kibana-slider-plugin Slider input control plugin
kibana-swimlane-vis The original Prelert Swimlane Visualization!
kibana-time-plugin Provides controls for setting and animating time ranges.
kibana-vega-vis Allows any data visualizations from Elasticsearch and other data sources using Vega grammar. You can even create a visualization on top of an interactive map.
kibana-vis-dropdown A dropdown visualization which allows users to set filters from a list of values.
kibana_vis_gantt Gantt Chart plugin.
kibana-vis-timeline Timeline Visualization
kibana-viz-clock Digital clock visualization plugin
kibana-xlsx-import Kibana plugin for import XLSX/CSV file to ElasticSearch
KibanaNestedSupportPlugin Adds support for nested field search and aggregation.
kibi_radar_vis A Radar (or Spider) Chart plugin.
kibi_timeline_vis The plugin displays a timeline of events taken from multiple saved searches.
logtrail View, search & live tail log events
mapster Live events map. Mapster is not truely in real-time. It fetches the events from ElasticSearch using Kibana and replays the events in real time with a lag corresponding to the Kibana refresh time.
mathlion Mathlion is an advanced math plugin for Kibana's Timelion
ob-kb-funnel Visualization plugin for displaying a funnel Based on D3 Funnel lib
ob-kb-percent Visualization plugin for displaying a single ratio (percent) metric. Customize the numerator and denominator of the calculation.
pivot-kibana Flexmonster Pivot is a powerful JavaScript tool for interactive web reporting.
radial_heatmap Used to render cyclical data.
searchbox Search Tool Kibana Plugin
sentinl Kibi + Kibana Alert & Report App for Elasticsearch.
timeline_heatmap A visualization that uses swimlanes to visualize multiple sources over time. Each swimlane represents a source and the intervals of the date histogram are colored based on the metric defined at the given time.
timelion-influxdb Experimental InfluxDB plugin for Timelion.
timelion-prometheus Experimental Prometheus plugin for Timelion.
tk-kibana-vis Thomas Kilmann Classification visualization.
topology Plugin to explore Elasticsearch Topology
TrafficLightVisKibana6 A traffic lights visualisation panel that can be split on multiple lines.
wafermap Visualize the wafer sort testing wafer map.

Getting Started with the Elastic Stack

If you are new to the Elastic Stack, this video goes beyond a simple default installation of Elasticsearch and Kibana. It discusses real-world best practices for hardware sizing and configuration, providing production-level performance and reliability.


Additionally local SSD storage should be considered as mandatory! For an in-depth look at how different storage options compare, and in particular how bad HDD-based storage is for Elasticsearch (even in multi-drive RAID0 configurations) you should watch this video...



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