A jQuery plugin that renders a count-up clock from a defined start time
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Simple count-up jQuery plugin


A jQuery plugin that renders a count-up clock from a defined start time. Supports start, stop, toggle, reset, and custom 'tick' event.


  • Initialise and start a default timer
  • Initialise and bind start/stop to click
  • Bind to tick event and reset when 10 seconds has elapsed
$('').stopwatch().bind('tick.stopwatch', function(e, elapsed){
    if (elapsed >= 10000) {
  • Start at non-zero elapsed time
$('').stopwatch({startTime: 10000000}).stopwatch('start')


Provided by the jintervals lib. If you don't include this library, the default output format HH:MM:SS is used.


Pass a format pattern as the format option. jsintervals provides a rich syntax for formatting time intervals, perhaps best illustrated by some examples.

'{MM}:{ss}' --> 01:05
'{MMM}:{ss}' --> 001:05
'{M}m, {s}s' --> 1m, 5s
'{Minutes} and {seconds}' --> 1 minute and 5 seconds
'{Greatest} ago' --> 1 minute ago

The full documentation of the syntax is at http://code.google.com/p/jintervals/wiki/Documentation.

Custom formatter

A formatter function can be supplied as formatter in options. It receives milliseconds and options and must return a string.


Copyright (c) 2012 Rob Cowie. Licensed under the MIT license.