Example of how to set up an ASP.NET MVC 5 website with Azure AD authentication
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Azure AD MVC Example

Example of how to add Microsoft Azure Active Directory to an existing ASP.NET MVC 5 website.

See the blog series for explanations.

For a detailed look at the step-by-step process that was followed to set up everything see the commit list.

To visit the test site to see it in action check out https://azureadmvcexample.azurewebsites.net.


Infrastructure Setup

  • Azure Active Directory tenant at azureadmvcexample.onmicrosoft.com with GUID a83a168d-d1ad-4bde-9b0a-ed570162e695
  • Application with realm / audience URL http://localhost:34999 and client ID 4e84d32e-7c1d-420b-88ac-e5cb655d292f (matches the IIS Express setting for the local site)
  • Application with realm / audience URL https://azureadmvcexample.azurewebsites.net and client ID e4a511a6-f9a2-408c-a4a1-c687bc93e297
  • The following test users:
    • username1@azureadmvcexample.onmicrosoft.com with password P@ssword2, which is a member of Group 1 and Group 2
    • username2@azureadmvcexample.onmicrosoft.com with password P@ssword2, which is a member of Group 2 and Group 3