Applying useful testing patterns using TestStack.Dossier presentation
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Applying useful testing patterns using TestStack.Dossier

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Applying useful testing patterns using TestStack.Dossier


The Object Mother, Test Data Builder, Anonymous Variable/Value, equivalence class and constrained non-determinism patterns/concepts can help you make your tests more readable/meaningful, more terse and more maintainable when used in the right way.

This talk will explain why and where the aforementioned patterns are useful and the advantages they can bring and show examples in code using a library I recently released called TestStack.Dossier.

This presentation was first delivered to the ANZ Coders conference on May 29th 2015 (video).


  • This is deliberately a fairly contrived example
  • There are some things in here that aren't practical in a production codebase and some things I wouldn't normally do
  • I've tried to get a balance between simplifying things to a point they are easily understandable at a glance, but complex enough that they give a good representation of what can happen in a representative codebase - if you have any suggestions of any improvements I can make please raise an issue