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A complete commons library especially for react projects.

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RRC = Robe-React-Commons


Aims to be a complete solution for our common project needs. All coded with ES6 syntax.

What's inside
  • Webpack for all development (server,hotload etc.) and build (package, optimize, etc.) needs.
  • Babel for writing codes with ES6 syntax and transpiling them browser compatible codes.
  • ESLint for protecting our nice formatted codes.
  • Flow for type checking.
  • Karma for running tests.
  • Chai for asserting test errors.
  • Isparta for ES6 code coverage.
  • Istanbul for code coveragereporting.
  • React for ui components.

Quick Start

How to use

Go to your project folder

npm install robe-react-commons --save-dev

You can import this project in 2 ways.

  1. Partial import. For ex. import Maps from "robe-react-commons/lib/utils/Maps";
  2. All-in-one, minified, optimized single js. For ex. TODO: example coming soon.

How to contribute

Clone and run npm install. This will install both run-time project dependencies and developer tools listed in package.json file.

How to Build for Production

If you need just to build the app (without running a dev server), simply run:

$ npm run-script build

How to run Unit Tests.

$ npm testnpm