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arduino based DJ MIDI cotroller using Harddisks as jog wheels
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HardDJ - Arduino Mega based DJ MIDI Controller

using old Harddisks as jog wheels

Have a look to the wiki for more documentation


  • arduino/libraries - Required arduino libs
  • arduino/sketchbook - arduino code
  • encoder - encoder wheels for lasercutting
  • mixxx - MIDI-mapping for mixxx
  • eagle - sketches and pcbs
  • ttymidi - serial to midi tool for linux


CC-BY-SA Roland "robelix" Obermayer

Tools and libs with diffrent licenses

Encoder wheel generator script

by Bryce Denney
License: GPL 2 or later

Arduino MIDI lib

by Francois Best
License: GPL

Arduino Encoder lib

by PJRC.COM, LLC - Paul Stoffregen
License: MIT


by Thiago Teixeira, Jari Suominen
License GPL 3 or later

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