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Compiling the Paystation GUI

The GUI uses the Fast Light Toolkit library available under the Gnu-GPL license at

The code was tested on both Linux version 2.6.32 and Mac OSX 10.6.

FLTK Pay Station

A) The Mac OS build system assumes FLTK is installed in the system wide directories, for ex: /usr/local/include for the headers and /usr/local/lib for the libraries.

B) On the CS Lab network, the FLTK library is installed in /home/lib2720/lect/fltk-1.3.0 I hope that the permissions are set up correctly so that you can build the executables on the school network. If you have issues, please let me know.

C) To build the project on a different platform than at school, please download FLTK and follow installation instructions. Configure the Makefile in src/view subdirectory and specify the following:

  1. the location of the fltk include directories
  2. the location of the fltk library
  3. any other necessary options for compiling and linking can be obtained by running:
    fltk-config --cxxflags  
    fltk-config --ldflags

from the FLTK install directory.

Paystation repository and development history

The project iterations follow the textbook and can be tracked in the development history of the repository. The commits corresponding to the textbook iterations are tagged using the syntax


where (n) represents the chapter number, the keyword relates to the title of the chapter, and (m) is an optional iteration number.


Paystation example in C++ from Flexible, Reliable Software, by H.B. Christensen




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