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The example client server architecture for InfoVis 2020 using Flask, Bokeh and D3.
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InfoVis Assignment

This repo contains the first assignment for the course Information Visualization. Students need to create one visualization using html/js/d3 and one visualization using the python package Bokeh.


See the requirements.txt file You can automatically install all the requirements by running: pip install -t requirements.txt

How it works

You can get the app to run in your local browser by following the steps below.

Linux & Mac

  • The app can be started by running: bash
  • The app can then be accessed by navigating to


  • Type the following in your terminal when using windows CMD: set FLASK_ENV=development OR when using windows powershell: $env:FLASK_ENV=development
  • Followed by: python
  • The app can then be accessed by navigating to
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