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Elm components


Starting from a single component, we show how Elm helps us with a workflow for adding new components in a controlled way.

The basic idea is to build each component in isolation first and then bring them together in the main app.

Elm makes this process remarkably easy because of its model/update/view approach and because of the types.


The server is written in Python 3.5 using Flask. I always use virtualenv, so the code to get started is:

virtualenv venv -p /usr/python3.5
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
source PanelWordEcho

then go visit http://localhost:8080.

To help me work on components in isolation the simple build script build_and_run accepts a component name (defaulting to the name of the main app) and builds and serves only that component.


The file structure of each component comes from Kris Jenkins's blog post here.