Various file for the Sipeed MaixPy K210
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It should now also support rshell, even slow.
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Various file for the Sipeed MaixPy K210

This folder contains a few python scripts than can be used for the Sipeed MaixPy K210.


Version with wotking support for mp_hal_stdin_rx_chr(). With this version, fucntions like input(), etc. work a expcted. required for and When using this file, mpconfigport.h has top be modified too.


Some additional definitions to make uart_core working. Also exnabled max() and min() and define the module time as alias to utime.

A version of with some of the commands. The version is feature-reduced, bevause the actual version of the K210 python lacks quite a few modules & functions. Typical usage pattern:

from upysh import *

A version of the pye editor with some minor modifications for the K210 python. Since the K210 python port has some debug messages enabled for gc.collect(), some spurios messages may show up. The screen can be restored with Ctrl-E. To supporess the messages, remove or comment the statement:


in the function gc_collect() of the file main.c. The documentation for is at

Both and can be placed into frozen bytecode. When doing so, loading times are fast.


A 'hacked' version of main.c, which does not finish when Ctrl-D is entered. As a result, ampy and find the board and at least execute the command ls and put. Ampy get does not work, because it tries to upload code to the K210 which is not supported.


A version which enables all file methods including special methods like exit and del Doing that allows enable statements like

with open("name") as myfile:  

Also: fix a memory leak and memory overflow in file_open()


Extend the function mp_vfs_import_stat() such that it reports properly if a file exists or not. As a result, weak links to modules work.

Major refactor of the module uos

  • The code has beem simplified and RAM usage was reduced by 9k
  • A simple "directory" concept is implemented, which treats directories as file name prefix. This prefix is inserted before any file name which does not start with '/'. chdir() and getcwd() set or get this prefix. For compliance rmdir() and mkdir() are deined, but do nothing.
  • uos.stat() now delivers a compatible data structure, even if most values are 0. The only resonable values is file size. Other values are set to a sane value (access rights -> stat.IS_FILE, inode -> file_id).
  • uos.statvfs() also delivers now the formally intended structure with the value 0 in unused fiels instead of , which at least had the wrong type. Can be improved.
  • os.listdir() and are swapped, such that os.listdir now ŕeturns the compatible value of just alist with file names, whereas returns a list with 'type size name' strings.

modutime.c, mphalport.c, mphalport.h

Added ticks_ms, ticks_us, ticks_cpu, ticks_diff, ticks_add

The ticks period is 2**62, which will probably never overflow, at least not in my lifetime.