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Project - Library Website Redevelopment

Content Inventory

Listed are all the content pages that exist on the website. Additional content is available, but as links to outside resources/locations, not as content pages within the website.

Name Group Type URL
Home Page n/a custom /
Ask Us forms mixed /ask
Print Journals and Newspapers research informational /print
Other Libraries research informational /libraries
Personal Librarian research informational /courseLibrarians
Borrowing services informational /accessServices
Interlibrary Loans services informational /document
Course Reserves services informational /course
Consultations services informational /guqConsultations
Study Spaces services informational /libraryExplorer
Assistive Technology services informational /assistiveTechnology
Equipment & Software services informational /digitalServices
Online Learning services informational /onlinelearning
Scholarly Communication services informational /ScholarlyCommunication
Alumni Borrower Form forms mixed /alumni-card
Our Mission about informational /mission
Collections & Policies about informational /collections
Staff about informational /staff
Hours about informational /info
Directions about informational /libraryDirections
Undergraduates populations links /guqUndergraduates
Faculty populations links /guqFaculty
Staff populations links /guqStaff
Alumni populations links /guqAlumni
Visitors populations links /guqVisitors
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