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SICL: A new Common Lisp Implementation

This is the main source code repository for SICL. It contains the compiler, standard library, and documentation.

What is SICL?

SICL is a new implementation of Common Lisp. It is intentionally divided into many implementation-independent modules that are written in a totally or near-totally portable way, so as to allow other implementations to incorporate these modules from SICL, rather than having to maintain their own, perhaps implementation-specific versions.

Quick Start

  1. Make sure you have installed the dependencies:
  1. Clone the source with git:

    $ git clone
    $ cd SICL
  2. Make sure the top-level directory can be found by ASDF.

  3. Compile the boot system as follows:

    (asdf:load-system :sicl-boot)
  4. Change the package for convenience:

    (in-package #:sicl-boot)
  5. Create an instance of the BOOT class:

    (defparameter *b* (boot))

    Bootstrapping may take a few minutes.

  6. Start a REPL:

    (repl *e5*)


Check the Documentation directory for more information.

Getting Help and Contributing

The SICL community members are usually on various IRC channels. There is now a dedicated channel called #sicl, but discussion can also be found on #lisp, #clasp, and #clim.

Keep up on SICL by reading the IRC logs

If you want to contribute SICL, please read


SICL is primarily distributed under the terms of the BSD license.

See LICENSE-BSD for more details.

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