Demo: Enfocus, Shoreleave's PubSub and Remotes
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Demo: Enfocus, Shoreleave's PubSub and Remotes, and cljsbuild's Crossovers

What's in the box

  • Noir on the back
  • ClojureScript on the client
  • Shoreleave's Remotes to move pure Clojure data between the two
  • Enfocus to build views client-side from plain html templates (no special interleaved template syntax)
  • Shoreleave's PubSub to declaratively bind views and model/remotes code together in a loosely coupled fashion
  • Model code is shared between client and server, using cljsbuild's crossovers

Feedback most welcome.

How to run

Using either Leiningen 1 or 2:

lein deps
lein cljsbuild once
lein run