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(:require [ :as log]
[io.pedestal.http :as http]
[io.pedestal.http.body-params :as body-params]
[io.pedestal.http.ring-middlewares :as middlewares]
[io.pedestal.interceptor :refer [definterceptor definterceptorfn on-request]]
[plumbing.core :refer :all]
[puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.core :as tk]
[ring.middleware.session.cookie :as cookie]
[tkad.datomic.util :refer :all]
[tkad.web.routes :as routes]))
;;; Default interceptors
;; Build up an interceptor list from the routes and the built-in defaults
(def default-interceptors
(-> {::http/routes routes/routes}
(definterceptor session-interceptor
(middlewares/session {:store (cookie/cookie-store)}))
;; Add sessions and GET/POST param handling
(def interceptors
(conj default-interceptors
;;; Service map
;; Configure Pedestal server and interceptors
(def service-map
{::http/routes routes/routes
::http/join? false
::http/resource-path "/public"
::http/interceptors interceptors
::http/type :jetty})
;;; Interceptors requiring values from other components
;; Inject config from ConfigService into each request context
(definterceptorfn with-config
(on-request ::add-config #(assoc % :config config)))
;; Inject Datomic connections and latest database values into each request context
(definterceptorfn with-databases
(on-request ::add-database #(assoc % :databases (prepare-conns-and-dbs conns))))
;;; Service
(tk/defservice service
[[:ConfigService get-config]
[:DatomicService conn]]
(start [this context]
(log/info "Starting Pedestal service")
(let [config (get-config)
conns (->> (get-in config [:datomic])
(map (juxt identity conn)))
port (get-in config [:webserver :port])
server (-> service-map
;; set Pedestal environment
(assoc :env (when (= (get-in config [:environment]) :production) :prod))
(assoc ::http/port port)
;; add configured interceptors with config and Datomic vaues
(update-in [::http/interceptors] conj
(with-config config)
(with-databases conns))
(log/info (str "> Awaiting connections on port " port "."))
;; Actually start the HTTP server
(http/start server)
(assoc context :server server)))
(stop [this context]
(when-let [server (:server context)]
(log/info "Pedestal Server stopped.")
(http/stop server)
(dissoc context :server))))