Go Language website on App Engine for cheating at Words With Friends
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This project is abandoned because app engine started charging me and there was no traffic to the site. However the repo is still here for your amusement.

Cheatin' Words

This is my first Go Lanugage (golang) project on the Google App Engine. I made it to have a real project that I could test to see how much I like go as a web development language.

Previously at http://words.ueuno.com/

After burning through a few permutations implementations and finally transcribing python's itertools implementation, I finally got the site runnable.

It is dreadfully slow. I am probably not writing the go code in the most optimal way. If you can fix it, please request a pull on github https://github.com/robert-wallis/Cheatin-Words. My confidence in go has been shattered by these performance issues coupled with the pain it took manually writing out things I took for granted in Python. I can't motivate myself to implement wildcards, scoring, and forced letters in go because it seems too daunting. I've quickly sketched it out here:

def findWildcard(self, letters, requiredLetters, minLength=2): return sorted([w for l in range(ord('a'), ord('z')+1) for w in s.findPermutations(letters+chr(l)) if w in s.words and requiredLetters in w and len(w) >= minLength ], key=self.score)

Anyway, have fun with the code, if you can make it run at about 100ms on Google App Engine, I'll come back to go. I love many things about go.