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Bibliographic analysis with R and ORCID
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Bibliographic analysis with R and ORCID

This R markdown script runs in RStudio ( and generates from an ORCID ( identifier of an author ('0000-0001-6732-1958'):

  1. A wordcloud based on the most frequent title words:

Wordcloud of ORCID profile

  1. A citation summary, based on Crossref ( data:
author publications sum_citations H_factor
Winkler, Robert 82 1439 21
  1. A listing of coauthors:
orcid_ident orcid_coauthor_names coauthor_freq
0000-0002-0367-337X Hertweck, Christian 12
0000-0001-8228-7663 Moreno-Pedraza, Abigail 8
0000-0002-4908-8934 Martínez-Jarquín, Sandra 7
0000-0001-8041-8586 Gamboa Becerra, Roberto 5
0000-0002-3463-957X García-Lara, Silverio 5
0000-0002-7471-9152 Montero-Vargas, Josaphat Miguel 5
0000-0002-9493-6402 Kniemeyer, Olaf 5
0000-0001-7738-7184 Ordaz-Ortiz, Jose Juan 4
0000-0002-6738-9554 López-Castillo, Laura Margarita 4
0000-0002-2097-0464 De Vizcaya-Ruiz, Andrea 3

The wordcloud is exported to a png graphics, the tables into CSV tables.

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