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Generate Stellar Vanity Wallets
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Stellar Vanity

A simple CLI tool to generate Stellar vanity addresses.

Vanity Address: similar to a vanity license plate, a vanity cryptocurrency address is an address where either the beginning (prefix) or end (postfix) is a special or meaningful phrase. Generating such an address requires work. Below is the expected time and difficulty of finding different length words in a vanity address (based on a more optimized algorthim/codebase).

Vanity Key Chrt

How to use library:

use stellar_vanity::vanity_key::AddressGenerator;

let mut generator: AddressGenerator = Default::default();

let (public_key, private_key) = generator.find(|public, private| {
  // any conditions go here
  public.as_str().ends_with("RUST") // e.g. find address with the "RUST" suffix

This will continuously loop until a key with the desired properties is found. Once the vanity address is found, a tuple (public_key, private_key) will be returned. Note, this is a synchronous function.

How to use CLI:

cargo run -- [--postfix=<POSTFIX>] [--prefix=<PREFIX>] [-c=<NUMBER_OF_THREADS>]

Either `--postfix` or `--prefix` option is required, while thread count is optional.

As an example, the following looks for an address ending in pizza with 8 threads:

cargo run -- -c=8 --postfix=pizza
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