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Latest version: tagged v0.5.0

A Saucelabs command line utility written in Go.

A quick way to get things done from the command line, more portable than an npm package since the executable can be shared once compiled, it's fast, it's small, and no need to install node+npm.

Note: If you have node/npm installed, check out Saucelabs own, it's a complete API client implementation.


Look in the bin directory (above if you read this on Github), find the binary for your platorm, click it, then you'll see a download button.


go get


sauceutil expects your username and access key to be set in your environment variables (eg ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc):

export SAUCE_USERNAME=yourAccountUsername
export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=yourAPIAccessKey


sauceutil --help

A command line utility for Saucelabs tasks.
Easily upload, check uploads, get job assets and info from the command line.

  sauceutil [command]

Available Commands:
  apistatus   Request the current API status.
  assetfile   Dowload a specific asset file.
  assetlist   Get a list of files associated to a job.
  deletejob   Removes the job from the Saucelabs system with all the linked assets
  help        Help about any command
  job         Get details on a specific job
  joblogs     Get sauce and selenium-server log file from recent jobs. Saves to ./saucedata/{jobID}
  jobs        Retrieve a list of the most recent jobs run.
  stopjob     Terminates a running Saucelabs job
  tunnel      Get details on a specific tunnel
  tunnels     A list of tunnels available to your account.
  upload      Upload a file to your sauce-storage temp file storage area.
  uploads     A list of files already uploaded to sauce-storage.

  -o, -- strings   Formatted output. Supply a single, quoted and comma separated list of columns to display
  -h, --help       help for sauceutil

Use "sauceutil [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Command line example

$ sauceutil jobs -m 1
    "browser_short_version": "8.0",
    "video_url": "",
    "creation_time": 1557161283,
    "browser_version": "8.0.",
    "owner": "ownername",
    "id": "3ec4af43fazzz86b9217e733a798bc85",
    "container": false,
    "record_screenshots": true,
    "record_video": true,
    "build": "20190301_14.1",
    "passed": false,
    "public": "team",
    "end_time": 1557161283,
    "status": "complete",
    "log_url": "",
    "start_time": 0,
    "proxied": false,
    "modification_time": 1557161283,
    "name": "",
    "commands_not_successful": 0,
    "consolidated_stats": "",
    "assigned_tunnel_id": "",
    "error": "No active tunnel found for identifier primary_sauce_tunnel",
    "os": "Linux",
    "breakpointed": false,
    "browser": "android"

Command line example with -o formatting

Note the field names passed to the -o arg are from the JSON in the previous example.

$ sauceutil jobs -m 5 -o "id,passed,status,owner"
id                                passed  status    owner
3ec4af43fazzz86b9217e733a798bc85  false   complete  ownername1  
0f2833b8492b424ae604a90f556e915c  false   complete  ownername3  
54ea20cd3f6b4db8be0984e0d42a6376  false   complete  ownername2  
c029e776f1b847b580a27e0dd53d198e  false   complete  ownername1  
d56880d2b83af6f0a456417f127af80f  false   complete  ownername1


Mac and Linux downloads, don't forget you have to do a chmod +x {path}/{to}/sauceutil to make it executable