A jQuery plugin for togglering elements around...
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toggler is a jQuery plugin for togglering elements around...

Installation & Example

Setting it up is easy: include the jquery-toggler.js script, call the toggler()
function on any clickable element and set the rel attribute of that element
to match the ID of the element which is to be togglered
(clearly, if you look in the source of the example, you’ll understand that better than my jibberish).

The default height when the element is closed (togglered up) is 40px, when the
element is open (togglered down) is 140px and the default speed of this magical
animation is set to 1000 (1 second). You can of course change these by passing
them to the toggler({speed:500}) function.

See the index.html for an example... It's nothing much, really.

Copyright & License

Please refer to the LICENSE file for details on the copyright and the New BSD
License applicable to this application.