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A Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to keep an eye on cryptocurrency prices as you code!
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Welcome to crypto-ticker, a Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to keep an eye on cryptocurrency prices as you code!

Default Settings

The default settings provide a set of basic tickers for BTC, ETH and LTC. The current prices are displayed in USD with colors based on the 24HOUR period.



This extension uses to retrieve the current cryptocurrency prices. Please consult their documentation for a list of supported symbols, currencies and exchanges.

You can fully customize your tickers using the crypto-ticker extension settings.

// Specify the refresh interval in seconds
"crypto-ticker.interval": 60,

// Specify the opening period
"crypto-ticker.period": "24HOUR",

// Customize your high and low colors to suite your status bar
"crypto-ticker.higherColor": "lightgreen",
"crypto-ticker.lowerColor": "coral",

// Customize your tickers
"crypto-ticker.tickers": [
        // The base cryptocurrency symbol
        "symbol": "BTC",

        // The comparison currency symbol
        "currency": "EUR",

        // The cryptocurrency exchange
        "exchange": "LocalBitcoins",

        // Create a custom ticker template
        "template": "{symbol} {price} {percent}"
        // You can even compare cryptocurrencies
        "symbol": "ETH",
        "currency": "BTC"
        // Wow such coin, much riches
        "symbol": "DOGE"

These example settings create the following tickers:


Template Tags

You can use tags within your ticker template to customize the output as needed.

"template": "{symbol} {price}" // The default template

The following tags are available to use:

Tag Description
symbol The cryptocurrency symbol
price The current cryptocurrency price
open The opening price for the given period
high The highest price since the period opened
low The lowest price since the period opened
change The difference between the opening price and current price
percent The change as a percent


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