An engineering forum for university students based off the Queen's Engineering Society IT Team project.
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Engineering Society Forum

The Engineering Society Forum is a pilot by the Engineering Society Software Development Team (ESSDev) to create a place where Queen's Engineering Students can build a central repository of knowledge not available elsewhere on the internet.

Getting Started

This project is built with Node.js, MySQL and several key node modules. The following section contains summary notes on how to quickly set up the development environment. For exhaustive instructions please see the


First, this program requires that you have Node.js version 7.0 or greater and npm 3.10 or greater in order to function. If you are unsure or do not yet have Node.js and npm installed see the server README.

Once you have Node and npm installed, there are several Node.js modules that this project requires. These can be installed by navigating to the main forum directory in the terminal and running npm install

Running the forum

Please follow the steps in the server README to set up the sever. Once the sever is running you can log in with the username "anon" and you can input anything you want in the password field (it doesn't matter at the moment).

Running Tests

Currently the Engineering Society Forum has no automated tests, although they will ideally be created in an upcoming release.

Built With Node Modules:

  • express
  • mysql
  • body-parser
  • cookie-parser
  • natural
  • algorithmia