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Dockerfiles for R

Greatly inspired by the Version-stable Rocker images, but using Ubuntu instead of Debian.


The r-base images contains a compiled R and the remotes package.

An image depends on three build-arg's: The Ubuntu version, the R version and the MRAN snapshot to download packages from. Check the Makefile for standard combinations of build commands.

The remotes package makes it easy to copy your R package into the image and make a local installation.


The r-test image is used a base image for testing R packages and save test results in the JUnit XML format and code coverage in the Cobertura format. It builds on r-base and you must therefore choose a version of R.

However, r-test does not run on it own -- you have to use r-test as a FROM image and copy the source of an R packages into /home/shiny/package. That is, include a Dockerfile with the following content in the top folder of your R package:

FROM r-test:3.5.0

COPY --chown=shiny:shiny . /home/shiny/package

Any system requirements must be installed before the COPY line.


For the r-base image I have scrutinized the Dockerfiles for the Version-stable Rocker images and therefore I have no choice but to use the GPL 2 license.

The other Dockerfiles are licensed under MIT.