A very simple, esp8266 based standalone captive-portal-like, access point serving local files only
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DEPRECATED by nodemcu enduser_setup module

ESP8266 NodeMCU WiFi Setup

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This script allows and end users to easily configure an ESP to connect to a local WiFi.

  • Start ESP.
  • Connect to the "SetupGadget" WiFi through your internet enabled thing of choice.
  • Submit credentials of your local WiFi.
  • The ESP reboots and connects to your local WiFi.

This is magic! How can I replicate it?

A guide to building NodeMCU can be found here.

  • In dhcpserver.h, #define USE_DNS 1
  • Build NodeMCU.
  • Flash NodeMCU.
  • Upload all .lua files and index.html.
  • Reboot ESP.

Thank you

This is based on Andy Reischles Captive Portal.