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Welcome to OSM Extender

OSM Extender was created to add some personally desired features to the Online Scout Manager, since it took little extra effort to allow other people to also benefit from these features the project was born. Currently the features that OSM Extender provides are:

Email reminders

Allow you to keep upto date by having information emailed to you on a day of your choosing each week, you can choose from:

  • Who's due badges (and have you got enough)

  • Who hasn't been for the last few weeks

  • Who's said they won't be present

  • What events are coming up and how many people are going

  • What's the programme for the next few weeks

  • Who's got a birthday around now

  • The contents of your section's notepad

Email reminders may be shared with other users, regardless of whether they use OSMX or not.

Automation Tasks

Allow you to have certain actions performed for you each night:

  • Birthday badges - mark as due on/near a member's birthday

  • Chief Scout's Award - insert a count of the number of activity/staged badges earnt by each member

  • First Aid in Badges - mark the first aid column of the outdoors challenge as complete based on completion of the emergency aid badge

  • Leadership badges - syncronise the leadership stripes and member's details


Allow you to easily make sense of the data in OSM.

  • Who's due badges (and have you got enough)

  • List which badges have been awarded during a time period

  • Find out what badge requirements are stopping a member from gaining an badge they've already started

Email lists

Easily create a list of any selection of your email addresses for each member who matches a criteria (e.g. Parent 1 Email and Parent 2 email for all members not in the leader's six). The lists are savable and you should be able to simply copy-paste the list into your email client or mailing list manager.

Programme review

Pulls in your activities, looks at the tags and shows you how well you're balancing your programme using a graph, table of totals and a score. It takes the duration your section has a member (e.g. 2 and a half years for Cubs) and goes upto that far back and upto that far into the future.

Map members

View a map of where the members of your section live in relation to your meeting point.

Contact details

This allows you to view a selection of your members' details in a way which allows you to change text and column sizes to allow for easier reading / filling in of the printed text.

Flexi records

This allows you to view a selection of your flexi records' data in a way which allows you to change text and column sizes to allow for easier reading / filling in of the printed text.

Search members

Alows you to search for members from a selection of your sections where one of a selection of their details include a search term.

Setting up OSM Extender

Please follow the information in the project’s wiki.