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Name: hinduce-associations-apriori
Build-Type: Simple
License: MIT
Copyright: Hidde Verstoep
Author: Hidde Verstoep
Cabal-version: >= 1.4
Category: Data Mining
Synopsis: Apriori algorithm for association rule mining
Description: This module provides an implementation of the Apriori algorithm for association rule mining. It uses Control.Parallel.Strategies for parallelism and allows the user to provide custom selection criteria. See hinduce-examples for an example.
hInduce is a framework for knowledge discovery/machine learning/data mining. It has a modular design that hopefully will invite others to re-use and build upon the interface. This module currently deviates from this concept, because we had a different focus and too limited time budget to investigate other rule mining algorithms and find any use for this kind of abstraction.
Build-Depends: base >= 4 && < 5
, hinduce-missingh >=
, vector >= 0.9.1
, containers >=
, deepseq >=
, parallel >=
Exposed-Modules: Data.HInduce.Associations.Apriori
Hs-Source-Dirs: src