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Rob’s Glyphs Scripts


Copies child layers between masters, including masters in different fonts.


Copies anchors between masters. Existing anchors are overwritten.


Creates an inDesign Tagged Text document containing all glyphs in the font.

Delete Background Layers

Clears the background layers of the selected layers.

Find Bracket and Brace Layers

Logs the names of all bracket and brace layers to the console.


Halves the values of all kerning pairs in all masters.


View a report displaying each instances interpolation coefficients.


Swaps the names of 2 glyphs. Useful for switching alternative, ssXX glyphs.

VariableFontExportWithDecomposeComponents !!!Use at own risk!!!

Exports the font as a variable font with decomposed components.

Running Glyphs Filters in scripts


RoughenizerFilter = GlyphsApp.NSClassFromString("GlyphsFilterRoughenizer").alloc().init()
RoughenizerFilter.processLayer_withArguments_(layer, [10, 10, 10, 0])
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