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Reads your xbox one gamer tag video rss feed and displays the videos and screenshots onto your website. You can now save images and videos now
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Display Xbox One Video Game Recordings & Screenshots on our Website

A small repo that was created in 30 mins. It allows you to read the json file that stores your video links. Then display it in a video tag and play muted. Note this only works on xbox one Gamertags :)


See a live demo of it working here.


  • Include this repo.
  • Have Jquery Installed
  • Have a div called xboxOneMedia;
  • See the flags required (random or all,type, gamertag, width ,height)
  • Thats it :)


To set up this, you will need to make a call to the xboxVideos.Init. With the following parameters

<body onload="xboxOneMedia.Init(0,'screenshots','Rob Gabriel',899,899,1);">

So the paratmars (Flags) you need to send are the following

  • Flag : 1 equals all screenshots/videos, 0 equals random screenshot/video.
  • Type : screenshots means screenshot. gameclips means videos
  • gamerTag : The Gamer Tag you want to get videos from.
  • ```width`` : The width of the Video Player.
  • height : The height of the video player.
  • Number of Videos/images : Incase you want to limit it.

How do I add it to my Website, Tumblr etc


Download or copy the javascript file. And kinda look at the example. Make a call and it will append the results to the div.

Example of Screenshot Json File

            "CaptureTime":"Uploaded 8/5/2015",
            "Views":"4 views",
            "TitleName":"FIFA 14",
            "CaptureTime":"Uploaded 5/30/2015",
            "Views":"0 views",
            "TitleName":"Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast \u0026 Furious",

Example of Gameclips Json File

         "UploadTime":"Uploaded 12/30/2014",
         "Views":"1 view",
         "TitleName":"Assassin\u0027s Creed IV Black Flag",
         "OwnerGamerTag":"Rob Gabriel",


The more people help the fast we can share.

  • Download videos and Screenshots
  • See Friends list and there game videos and screenshots.
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