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This is a tool for generating an ssh config file using the Dhall configuration language.


The Dhall site linked above explains some benefits of the language in general. The reasons to use Dhall + dhall-ssh-config for generating your ssh config in particular are:

  • Functions: This is the main one. Use functions to DRY up your config.
  • Type checking: Some limited type checking (though most fields are just Text values)
  • Enum checking: Fields accepting some enumerated set of values (ex. yes/no/ask) are checked when generating the config file. In the future more checks may be added (for example time formats).
  • Consistent formatting: Keep your Dhall config consistenly formatted with dhall format. The generated ssh config file will be in a consistent format.

Notes on types

The Dhall type of the config should be List SSHConfig, where SSHConfig is the type given at resources/SSHConfig.dhall + a host field that is either Text or List Text.

Because all the elements of the list must be of the same type, all the fields other than host are Optional. There is an empty config at resources/EmptySSHConfig.dhall that can be merged in to ensure each config is the same shape. See the examples.

The fields themselves are named the same as they are in the ssh_config man page with the first letter lowercased.


To clone, build, and run:

git clone
cd dhall-ssh-config
stack exec dhall-to-ssh-config -- < path/to/sshConfig.dhall > path/to/ssh/config

To install using homebrew:

brew tap robertjlooby/homebrew
brew install dhall-to-ssh-config
dhall-to-ssh-config < path/to/sshConfig.dhall > path/to/ssh/config


  • stack test [--file-watch]
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