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Paint smooth weights tool in Maya using the weights of neighbouring vertices.

Click for video


  • Extract the content of the .rar file anywhere on disk.
  • Drag the skinningTools.mel file in Maya to permanently install the script.


The paint tool calls a script that find the surrounding vertices and its skin weights. These skin weights are then blended with the skin weights of the original vertex based value of the paint tool.

  • Undo-able / Redo-able

Based on the settings on the skinCluster the following attribute will be respected while smoothing the weights:

  • Max Influences
  • Normalize Weights
  • Locked Influences

I would like to note that the idea for this script came from Tom Ferstl, he developed a script where the end results is very simular. I did use the original script as an inspiration, but what happens under the hood is completely different.