Javascript that creates a nav bar with logical prev and next links a la Dustin Curtis.
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Creates a nav bar like dustin curtis has for his blogazine.  The idea is to create a logical previous, and next connection between pages much as if you were flipping through a magazine.

Simply include the script:

<script src='blogazine.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

And then use HTML's link elements in the head of your document like so:
  <link href='/myNextArticleLink' rel='next' title='My Next Article Title' />
  <link href='/myPrevArticleLink' rel='prev' title='My Previous Article Title' />

Also, you'll want to employ some sort sort of reset for html body elements margin.  I suggest the Eric Meyers method (included in the demo.css file).

- Not tested for IE 7 or below.

Copyright 2010 Robert J Whitney
Free to use under the MIT License