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1Password command-line client
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A command-line client for 1Password.

If you're looking for a more featureful client with a graphical front-end, please follow development of the successor project, passcards.


  • Creating, opening and changing the master password for vaults
  • Listing, adding, updating and removing items in vaults
  • Decrypting and displaying the contents of items
  • Generating random passwords for new items
  • Copying item passwords and field values to the clipboard


  1. Install Go and set up your GOPATH and PATH environment variables
  2. Run go get


Use one of the official 1Password apps to set up your 1Password vault and enable Dropbox syncing. The client works with the copy of the vault that is synced to Dropbox.

Alternatively, use 1pass new <path> to create a new vault.


1pass <command> <args>

The client looks for your 1Password vault in ~/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain or tries to find a directory called 1Password.agilekeychain using locate. If your vault cannot be found automatically, you can use the set-vault command to tell the client where to find it.

Use 1pass help to display the list of supported commands and 1pass help <command> to display the syntax for a given command.

The item(s) which a command applies to are specified with a pattern which is matched against the title and ID of the item. For example:

1pass show git

Will show all entries whose title contains 'git', eg. ''

Common Commands

list pattern - List items in the vault

show pattern - Show the contents of an item

copy pattern field - Copy the value of a field from an item to the clipboard

add type title - Add a new item

Note on Vault Formats

1Password has two formats for storing its data. The older Agile Keychain format is used by 1Password v3 and the copy of the vault synced to Dropbox by 1Password v4. The newer Cloud Keychain format is used by 1Password v4 when syncing to iCloud.

This client works with the older format, but is still compatible with 1Password v4 as it uses the older format when syncing with Dropbox.

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