BlueGUI v2 GUI controls plugin for DarkBASIC Professional
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GUI2 Build

BlueGUI v2

This is the source code for the BlueGUI v2, an add-on for DarkBASIC Professional which provides facilities to create and use native GUI controls in DBPro apps.

The final public release of BlueGUI v2 was v2.054. A copy of this can be found in the Installers/ directory.

Registration Details

The plugin has a very crude registration key mechanism. To enable plugin functionality, the 'startBlue' function must be called with a UserID and Key. The following can be used:

startBlue RT, 4e2d

Source Files

BlueGUI requires Visual Studio 2008 or later and the Windows SDK to build.

GUI-DLL/ C++ source for the BlueGUI v2 DBPro plugin

GUI2 Build/ Source code for BlueGUI examples, the Rainbow visual UI editor, Help files (HTML format) and pre-built binaries