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title: Sponsored Content
<div class="hero-unit">
<h1>Sponsored Content</h1>
<p>Commercial products and services that are relevant to JavaScript developers can benefit from the wide audience DailyJS reaches every day.</p>
<p>Sponsored Content will remain on the site alongside other posts, and will feature on the front page for several days.</p>
<div class="container">
<li><strong>Tier 1 $50</strong>: A mention in a jQuery Roundup, Node Roundup, or other roundup style post.
<li>Brief overview including licensing information and price</li>
<li>Link to project homepage and author</li>
<li>Short code sample</li>
<li><strong>Tier 2 $300</strong>: A tutorial written by the product's author.
<li><strong>Tier 3 $450</strong>: A tutorial written by a DailyJS author (Approximately 5-12 paragraphs).</li>
<li>Sponsored Content will be clearly marked as such to provide full transparency to readers.</li>
<li>Links can include variables to allow traffic originating from DailyJS to be easily classified.</li>
<li>Traffic volume cannot be guaranteed.</li>
<li>We reserve the right to alter content after it has been submitted to us.</li>
<li>We reserve the right to remove content.</li>
<p><a href="">Complete the Sponsored Content form</a> to get in touch.</p>